Brandaid Strategic and Marketing Planning for Business Growth

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Strategic and Marketing Planning

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there
Michael J. Kami - management consultant specialising in strategic planning and strategic management

Our aim, working collaboratively with our clients is to analyse, define and enhance their business performance using a four stage process:

Analysis: We will undertake a rigorous analysis of the current competitive and consumer environment to establish a deep understanding of the business or brand's current status and to identity opportunities for growth.

Strategy and Planning: Defining the business plan and marketing strategy is the next stage so that it can be articulated to its various audiences. We will develop or help your team develop a marketing plan including a review and direction for positioning, packaging, product, pricing, promotion and distribution. Each of these marketing levers will be explored and a plan developed to drive your business while maximizing the effectiveness of your scarce marketing funds.

Implementation: This involves developing a programme to deliver the strategy across all communication tools available. We can also provide resources, both internal and external, that you will need to implement the plan. This includes locating and selecting any external agencies (packaging design, public relations, advertising, etc). If needed, we will coach and train any existing or new staff you select to implement the plan long-term.

Tracking: Having the right metrics in place is essential so we will help you to design a measurement process to monitor the impact of the strategy on your stakeholders.